Develop Your Concept


Using strategic thinking and superior analytical intelligence, we apply a 9-stage approach to successful franchise development that will help achieve a:

  • Competitively designed business model
  • Clearly defined brand position
  • Visually stunning identity
  • Differentiation and value to end-customer

Applying a disciplined project management approach, we work closely with our partners to develop a concept from start to finish.


This phase is critical to develop the fundamentals of your brand, your vision and where you want it to be in the future.

  • Like people, your brand needs to be popular. It’s alive, growing and constantly changing in the customers’ mind. Branding is about developing a personality to captivate customers. Its identity captures eyes, its voice speaks your values clearly, its philosophy is enchanting. With clever creativity and crafting, we activate your brand to connect with people.
  • We are able to apply your core messages -be they promotional, quality standards, brand values or other -to unique marketing and design that will always make an impact on the desired target.
  • Naturally, all branding doesn’t just look and feel fabulous, but encourages folks into action too.
  • Once we have identified the elements of your brand, we short list ideas and transform the concept into an executable business plan ready to be deployed. This includes a financial model of the business that covers set up cost, operational cost, P&L and projections.


The design process begins with an in-depth briefing to capture the business model, brand values and creative considerations required.

Our design process focuses on user-centric design and ground breaking creative work. We know every element of design -from restaurant menu design to interior design –and how it can influence a customer’s decision to enter your premise or buy that scrummy dessert.


Our design team ensures that all graphic design for brochures, flyer design, posters, presentations, advertising, stationary, packaging and staff uniforms meets marketing objectives for the good of your business. Other design services include:

  • Restaurant logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Overall facility design

The client may also choose to appoint us to compile the brand manual and identity standards documentation, including interior and operational manuals for a franchise module.


Once the brand manual has been approved, we move design the and operational manuals for a franchise module

  • Working closely with all parties to make sure the marketing messages and brand attributes are maintained from start to finish.
  • We employ a range of solutions to maximize speed and floor staff efficiency.
  • We’ve all worked in franchising and the restaurant industry so we know the issues and preach the solutions.


In this phase we develop the construction documentation. The detailed construction drawings that we provide become an A-Z roadmap to the contractors. What’s included:

  • Development of the interior environment considers three dimensional spaces, the human factor, interior lighting, and of course finesse. In order to help you visualize our efforts and your collaboration we provide several tactile exhibits for your use.
  • This includes everything from Color & Material Selections (for instance, samples of flooring, walls, paint, ceilings, casework and counter tops) to Lighting & Ceiling Design (provide interior reflected ceiling plan showing ceiling types and transitions; lighting types and decorative lighting specifications)
  • Depending on the location of the project, we are able to appoint local engineers to provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing services documentation.
  • Once the interior dimensions of your space are collected, we will layout the existing walls, doors and windows. We then review the layout, traffic flow, equipment selections and seating arrangements.
  • If required, we perform a Site Verification and As Built Documentation. In order to provide accurate design dimensional plans and specifications, we may perform a comprehensive site survey and verification of the environment. This include site verification of the following:


  • Storefront
  • Interior walls, doors and built-ins
  • Existing ceiling plans, heights, types and fixture including HVAC and lighting locations
  • Existing plumbing locations
  • Existing electrical locations
  • Potential for material reuse, adaptive reuse of space, lighting


We will assist in the development of your menu and offerings, sourcing of raw materials and establish the supply chain required to be in operational mode:

  • Design the best customer flow or the operation
  • Develop the services and menu, including recipes, foods, drinks, merchandising lines, seat reservation processes and other services, including the tasting and sampling of all products
  • Locating and specification of all necessary food service support equipment including but not limited to; electrical panels, plumbing fixtures, grease interceptors, hand sinks, utility sinks, refrigeration, prep-tables, ovens, frozen storage, and ware washing equipment.
  • Identify required operational equipment according to identified capacity and usage
  • Based on the approved equipment list we will provide detailed information and an equipment matrix located and keyed to the Equipment Plan.
  • Enable the sourcing of raw materials, packaging, equipment and other resources required.
  • Elevate interior walls to show location of new and existing casework, pastry cases, refrigeration and necessary food service equipment as shown on the equipment floor plan
  • Appoint and approve contractors


MEFranchising will provide a number of HR related services to facilitate the execution of your concept, including:

  • Recruitment of management and staff
  • Implementation of an HR manual, payroll and back office support.
  • Advise on management structure and organization
  • Perform brand training to educate staff on brand principles and ensure that core values and business principles are consistently applied in all stores.
  • Follow-up inspection and training to ensure that operations and staff are brand compliant. We can also perform an operations and management audit, on demand.


After a few months of testing the waters of your business, it is time to consider expansion. MEFranchising will facilitate the development of a franchising system for your business, which includes both the franchising business model and the franchising financial model:

  • All operation manuals are developed using WorkMap® methodology.
  • Develop franchise marketing materials that need to be handed over to prospects
  • Prepare legal documentation and agreements
  • We have partnered with ChainFormation Software, developers of a best-in-class software platform for management of multi-unit stores. We install and maintain the software.
  • We also help with the set up a Franchising Department set up, including the recruitment of a franchising manager.  We also write job descriptions.


Marketing a franchise is like courting: Make yourself look attractive. Find out what your target wants, when they want it, how much they need and deliver it to them using only the most relevant tricks. Make them happy and they’ll be drawn to you. As we develop your brand for geographic expansion, we will help you:

  • Capitalize on the depth and breadth of experience to expand in Middle East and other regions
  • Develop consumer-centric marketing plans and growth strategy for both global and local needs
  • Identify suitable, tested and capital-strong partners, business associates and partners meeting your specific needs.
  • Follow up with leads and negotiate contracts with best possible outcome in mind
  • If required, we will perform on-demand audits to help enhance the business.